Why Tim Westbrook?

Fresh out of university, graduated lawyer, searching for his own way to happiness. It was me – fairly young and quite confused young man standing on the crossroad. Hoping to find new horizons for myself I have launched brief travel across all Europe.

And this journey gave me the chance to meet lots of extraordinary persons who shared their interesting stories with me. Those were people of much more experience and knowledge than I was back then. And one of them left his mark forever on my mind.

His name was Tim Westbrook. An outstanding elegant gentleman who had that combination of strong confidence, firm upbringing and high culture that is drawing the image of one really successful man. I met him in a small cozy coffee shop where he brought up to me a whole lecture about the style and the vision of a modern man.

Being well dressed wasn’t enough for him to be called “elegant”, neither it was only a matter of one’s financial fortunes.

“A successful man is well aware of the fashion and he does not follow it blindly, but in a sense of understanding and creativity formed by one’s high aesthetics and good taste. Even clothes and accessories that cost less make him look stylish because he knows how to choose and combine all the elements”.

Real gentlemen like Tim Westbrook never compromise their own style, they know the value of a good design and easily recognize what is the quality of the dress or accessory. Such person doesn’t miss even the smallest detail. Talking of details it is inevitable to mention his watch. Simple yet classy made of gold with white dial, tied to his hand with a brown leather band and only touching his white shirt almost entirely hidden below the blue jacket.

All that dress code combined with the watch and his well shaped white beard made him look like he has always been a sea boat captain, a traveler or even a discoverer. At the same Tim Westbrook has left the impression of a highly moral and loyal person.

That exact conversation had an enormous impact on me, so strong that I was trying to behave myself in the manner of a man like Tim Westbrook. His bits of advice how to interact with other people, how to treat ladies, all that chivalry is something that I always try to be up to ever since we met. Well, style and manners were important parts of my future plans anyway. And to become a real gentleman is not easy to achieve – you have to work for it step by step.

I have stumbled few times climbing that steep hill leading an ordinary man to the way of the classy person. Little stones made me lose my balance – those details I have mentioned already. Where could I find such watch for example? And how to deal with the money I had since my income was modest at that time?

Then it occurred to me – crazy as it sounds, to create my own watch. One that is made only for me and is looking well on me. A unique item combining style and elegance with coziness and pragmatism. I needed a watch to match my shirt and suits in a formal environment and still to look good when I put my shorts and T-shirt. You can see the result on the website. Or on the hands of my friends.

A smart man is aware how important is vision nowadays. That’s why a real gentleman always cares to look stylish and elegant. Our watches contribute to all gentlemen around the world and still are quite affordable.

“Always be top class”