Quality men's watches with unique stylish design for any occasion and time. Cheap price and good looking recognizable design. Each of our timepieces is made with passion and love, to give pleasure and joy to the lucky one who'll wear the watch. The precision Japanese quartz mechanism and quality materials for workmanship, contribute to the unforgettable positive impression when meeting this timepiece. You can choose here the case color or even the strap material. It can be  NATO strap or leather strap.  We from Tim Westbrook.com create stylish and elegant watches for all men, who feel young and adventurous.

Please don't forget that all of our models have a limited quantity. We produce no more than 200 pieces of each timepiece model.

Coming soon a lot of new models - especially for you!

Bella Bellagio Silver Watch

Bella Bellagio Silver Watch Brightly colored timepiece for the sunrise lovers. ..


Gran Canaria Royal Watch

Gran Canaria Royal Watch Colorful timepiece for the bohemians. If you are one of the..


Monaco Black Edition Watch

Monaco Black Edition Watch Classic luxury timepiece for the life winners. For ever..


New Brighton Gold Watch

New Brighton Gold Watch Luxury timepiece for travelers. If you are a traveler who wants to..